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First, select the spot for your plant.  Remember that lavender needs at least 8 hours of sunlight per day.  It also likes sandy, loamy soil.  Leave enough room for the plant to grow according to the variety you’ve selected.

Next, dig the hole.  It needs to be twice as wide and twice as deep as the pot.  Back-fill a little of the loosened soil.  Gently remove the plant from the pot by tapping on the sides and the bottom.  Place your hand around the base of the plant and turn it upside down to remove it.  Be careful, the roots are just barely established!  Place the plant in the hole and back fill the soil.  Pat it down and create a well for the water to collect.

Keep your plant wet for the first week.  After that, water it every other day at the most.   Lavender plants will die if you water them too much!

Prune the plant in the fall, cutting your plant back a little, shaping it as round as possible. Do NOT cut into the hard woody part of the plant!  You can also cover them with straw to protect them through a tough winter.  In the spring when you see the forsythia plants blooming, prune your plant, again, don’t cut into the hard woody part of the plant.  This encourages new and vigorous growth.   

Super:  4 x 4 feet, 3 feet high    Provence:  4 x 4 feet, 3 feet high  

Royal Velvet:  3 x 3 feet, 2 feet high   White Spike:  4 x 4 feet, 3 feet high

Sharon Roberts:  2 x 2 feet,  2 feet high  Grosso & Gros Bleu:  4 x 4 feet, 3 feet high

Melissa Pink:  2 x 2 feet,  2 feet high  Betty’s Blue:  2 x 2 feet,  2 feet high